This motion graphics video was created for “Centre des musées Nationaux” in collaboration with another motion graphics designer. It explains the story of the tapestry “Tancrède rend à Herminie la liberté” / “Tancrede gives Herminie her freedom back” in the castle of Châteaudun.

On the way to Jerusalem, the crusader Tancrede wins a battle against the Mohammedans in Antioch. Herminie, Queen of the city, surrenders. After the moments depicted on the tapestry, Tancrede frees Herminie and returns all of her possessions and servants. She joins the Mohammedans in Jerusalem immediately. Then, moved by the kindness and the beauty of Tancrede, Herminie develops a sort of Stockholm syndrome and falls in love with her executioner.

My role for this project was to make landscape illustrations and to animate the characters.


Centre des Musées Nationaux


Co-creator of Storyboard, Illustrations and animations


1 month